The Patent Writer CD & book

Write strong, professional patent applications partners and financiers will respect.

  1. Perfect for the new first to file laws.
  2. Become an excellent patent writer.
  3. May be reviewed by an attorney.

Save $2000 or more. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Compare patent writing software.

Patent writing
The Patent Writer, book only
Patent Writer CD is
free with the Fast Trac Kit!
The Patent Writer CD and book
How to use The Patent Writer CD

The Patent Writer™ CD is a breakthrough:

  1. Install the Patent Writer CD on your computer(s).
  2. Select the template that fits your invention.
  3. Listen to audio/video instructions as you write.
  4. File it!

That's it. Use the Patent Writer book as your manual:

  • Write patent applications in a logical, storytelling sequence.
  • Learn about the "ordinary meaning" method of writing (it's easier too!).
  • Prepare drawings per US Patent Office regulations.
  • File the application yourself or let your attorney.
  • Be confident you have a strong patent application.
  • Challenge the status quo!
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