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Patent Law Essentials
* Basic patent laws and rights (1:29) FREE
Important patent laws:
* Patent types (2:20) FREE
 Barriers, first to invent, one year rule: using them to your advantage (4:54)
 Utility patent requirements (1:08)
 What cannot be patented (1:45)  Misconceptions, Doctraine of Equivalence (6:12)
   What is a public disclosure? (coming soon)
* Establish your rights to patentable subject matter (2:22) FREE
 Design patent applications (2:34)
 Structure and methods patents (2:20)  Protecting worldwide filing rights (1:44)
 Business methods and processes (2:26)  Who may file and patent ownership (3:56) 
 Machines and machinery (1:22)  Novelty defined (coming soon)
 Software (1:43)  
 Chemical new compositions (1:17) * Download the new patent law summary (pdf) FREE
 Improvement patents (2:48)  
  See also: Patent Searching
* Write an invention disclosure (4:10) FREE
See also: Write your own patent application
 Title of the invention (1:20) See also: Trademarks and other IP
 Background Summary of the invention (1:24)  
 Detailed description & drawings (1:53)  
 Date of original conception, uniqueness and verification (2:39) Keep in touch for new law updates.
 Reduce to practice, maintaining logs (1:44)  
Listen to exceptional insight from prominent attorneys and inventors
Patents in Commerce Milestone Patent Essentials (20:14) Milestone Planning Ahead (21:26)
Milestone Initial Low-Cost Protection (19:18) 20/20 Hindsight (3:15)
Legend: Money maker Must know Warning! inspirational insight Inspiration insight * free video
Provisional Patent Applications
*Provisional patent application essentials (1:56) FREE
* Taking [dis]advantage of provisional laws (3:27) FREE
Milestoneinspirational insight Who writes the provisional application and who files? (3:04) Hire an attorney or file it yourself (4:23)
When to write a provisional application? (1:27) How to hire a patent attorney free without a retainer (3:41)
When do you file a provisional application? (3:23) Filing the regular patent application (2:06)
Protecting worldwide filing rights (1:44) What NOT to patent (2:32)
Filing multiple inventions in one application (1:48)  
Patent writing strategy (2:31)  
What happens at one year? (coming soon) Would you like an attorney or patent agent referral? Email us.
Using provisionals to attract partners (coming soon) Subscribers: Have a question you don't see here? Email us.
See also: Patent Searching See also: How to write a provisional patent application
See also: Forms & Agreements (provisional application cover sheet)  Test
Listen to one of America's top patent strategists, Bill Hynes
Patents in Commerce Milestone Strategic Objectives (18:49) Milestone Planning Ahead (18:23)
Milestone Strategies and Tactics (19:16) 20/20 Hindsight (3:21)
Legend: Money maker Must know Warning! inspirational insight Inspiration insight * free video
Write professional patent applications "We used the Patent Writer and saved $4000 when our attorney converted it into the regular patent application." - Mike McNulty, Modesto, CA

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