Invention Design

Innovation design

You want your inventions to have all the right attributes:

  • Apply proven invention design concepts used by the 3% group
  • Create strong customer appeal
  • Create dazzling inventions!

This is the first step to unleash your inventive creativity and know you're on track.

Invention success
What would you like to learn today?
* Invention design essentials (2:36) FREE Customer Driven Innovation (CDI) (4:37) FREE
Why consumers buy new products (4:55) Innovations good for mankind (3:08)
Great ways to design for emotion (1:26) The top three design considerations (1:58)
Who designs your innovation? (2:02) Lesser known CDI attributes (7:02)
Emerging trends you want to apply! (1:57) Making inventions people friendly (5:39)
Milestone A simple way to make all of your design decisions (1:31) Pitfalls to avoid (coming soon)
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Get your innovation flying off the store shelf:
Patents in Commerce Milestone Customer Driven Innovation (21:06) Milestone All-important Packaging (20:31)
Milestone Form Follows Emotion (21:08) 20/20 Hindsight (4:02)
Legend: Money maker Must know Warning! inspirational insight Inspirational insight * free video

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