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Design and Prototype

Find out how to design, patent, and launch your inventions like successful inventors.

Unleash your creativity and increase your wealth with your money-making inventions.

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Invention Design
* Invention design essentials (2:36) FREE Customer Driven Innovation (CDI) (4:37) FREE
Why consumers buy new products (4:55) Innovations good for mankind (3:08)
Great ways to design for emotion (1:26) The top three design considerations (1:58)
Who designs your innovation? (2:02) Lesser known CDI attributes (7:02)
Emerging trends you want to apply! (1:57) Making inventions people friendly (5:39)
Milestone A simple way to make all of your design decisions (1:31) Pitfalls to avoid (coming soon)
White paper: The 3 Essentials for a Successful Invention See also: From Patent to Profit, the book
See also: Marketing essentials See also: Prototyping
Get your innovation flying off store shelves:
Patents in Commerce Milestone Customer Driven Innovation (21:06) Milestone All-important Packaging (20:31)
Milestone Form Follows Emotion (21:08) 20/20 Hindsight (4:02)
* Prototype basics (2:26) FREE Prototyping for free (2:24)
The 5 phases of prototyping (3:46) Prototyping complex machinery (1:50)
Creative prototyping methods (1:51) 4th and 5th stage prototyping (2:20)
MilestoneMilestone Virtual prototyping and video prototyping (1:38) Prototyper beware! (1:26)
Prototyping electronics (1:53)  
See also: Manufacturing essentials See also: Finding & evaluating marketing partners
Listen to incredible insight from leading prototypers
Patents in Commerce Milestone Prototype Essentials (20:04) Milestone Materials / Tricks of the Trade (21:36)
Milestone Forms of Prototypes (20:21) 20/20 Hindsight (4:32)
Innovation Insight
* Innovation foundation (2:00) FREE * Does the 3% group apply to me? FREE
Find out why "desire" is for the 97% failure category (2:37) Intention or Inspiration? (5:22)
Reinvent yourself (2:27) A guarantee of success (5:09)
 Inventions vs. Opportunities (2:08) Goals or dreams? (5:31)
Three essential benchmarks (2:05) Who's in charge? (4:49)
DOLL (3:22) Why development money is no longer a problem (coming soon)
Zero Limits (2:44)  Which invention is the money maker? (coming soon)
 The two newest emerging trends (coming soon)  
Why many people can't solve problems and how you can solve all of yours (coming soon)
When you embrace these concepts, there is no telling what you will achieve.
More insight from leading entrepreneurs
Patents in Commerce Milestone Alternative Approaches and JDAs (21:49) Milestone Licensing & Partnering your IP (20:17)
Milestone Finding Interviewing Partners (20:16) 20/20 Hindsight (2:41)
Legend: Money maker Must know Warning! inspirational insight Inspirational insight * free video
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