Provisional Patent Applications

Patent your ideas & inventions

The inventor's best friend

Provisional patent applications are perfect for small businesses, engineers and independent inventors. Focus on marketing instead of costly patent applications.

  • Legal patent pending status for $125.
  • Save $2000 or more using our methods.
  • Preserve international filing rights.

Patent Writer templates help you do it right.Provisional applications written by patent mills and inexperienced inventors are not taken seriously by prospective partners.

Patent granted
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Milestoneinspirational insight Who writes the provisional application and who files? (3:04) Hire an attorney or file it yourself (4:23)
When to write a provisional application? (1:27) How to hire a patent attorney free without a retainer (3:41)
When do you file a provisional application? (3:23) Filing the regular patent application (2:06)
Protecting worldwide filing rights (1:44) What NOT to patent (2:32)
Filing multiple inventions in one application (1:48)  
Patent writing strategy (2:31)  
What happens at one year? (coming soon) Would you like an attorney or patent agent referral? Email us.
Using provisionals to attract partners (coming soon) Subscribers: Have a question you don't see here? Email us.
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Listen to one of America's top patent strategists, Bill Hynes
Patents in Commerce Milestone Strategic Objectives (18:49) Milestone Planning Ahead (18:23)
Milestone Strategies and Tactics (19:16) 20/20 Hindsight (3:21)
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