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Write strong patent applications partners will respect!

Write your own patent application

Anyone can write a provisional application, but writing one that prospective partners respect is different!

  • Write strong, broad patent applications.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Mail it to the patent office.

  Now, go out and make a difference!

Patent drawing doodles
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* Requirements and laws (2:15) FREE Instructions for simple and complex inventions:
Who writes the application (2:48) First page and descriptive title (2:10)
When to start writing (1:16) Background of the Invention (1:45)
When to file (3:00) Description of Prior Art - pt. 1 (3:03)
Patent writing strategy (2:31)  Description of Prior Art - pt. 2 (1:46)
Filing multiple inventions in one application (1:48) Description of Prior Art - pt. 3 (2:28)
* Identify patentable subject matter (2:22) Use checklist on page 3 IdeaAccelerator or page 86 in The Patent Writer  Summary of the Invention - pt. 1 (3:51)
Which patent writing template do you use? (1:25)   Summary of the Invention - pt. 2 (1:04)
   Summary of the Invention - pt. 3 (2:04)
2. DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE: Brief Description of the Drawings (2;20)
Patent Writer template (simple invention) Detailed Description of the Drawings - pt. 1 (2;18)
Patent Writer template (complex invention/machine) Detailed Description of the Drawings - pt. 2 (2:43)
Patent Writer template (processes and software) Detailed Description of the Drawings - pt. 3 casino (2:17)
Patent Writer template (formulas)  Detailed Description of the Drawings - pt. 4 (2:21)
   Detailed Description of the Drawings - pt. 5 (2:32)
* IMPORTANT: Use the book, The Patent Writer,and the Scientific Journal as your drawing guide.  Drawings (2:40)
 Finish the application (2:46)
   Fill out cover sheet, send to US Patent Office (3:01)
Write professional patent applications "We saved over $5000 with our 43-page application using the Patent Writer template. That includes a thorough review by a highly regarded patent attorney. We licensed it to a Fortune 500 company." - C. Howell, Chico, CA
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Bonus: Listen to incredible insight on patent writing from these experts.
Patents in Commerce Milestone Claim Writing / Prosecuting (20:47) Milestone Writing Subject Matter (20:21)
Milestone Patent Writing Methodologies (20:14)  20/20 Hindsight (3:43)
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