Lampoon Inventor *!#%!

3D innovations

Here's some fun for inventors.

  • Funny plototypes.
  • Fantazy invunctions.
  • Did i hear that awright?

Hopefully none of these are your inventions.

Prototype by a dislexic
What was that?
Innovator by choice Cool prototype
Complicated inventions Baby toy guardian
I are an inventerer

Invention company home

Pittsburg courthouse, home and birthplace of the invention companies. Yes...almost all of them!...sorry Steelers, that is a black eye you WON'T be giving!

Keep in touch, thier are a loot more to come.  
If you have somthing to puddup, send it ins a letter postage prepaved.  
Ratings  (to be maybe done latter)
Legend: Money mucker Oh know! Warning! inspirational insight Sad but true  

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