Innovation Marketing

Innovation marketing

Learn the mindset used by famous athletes and innovators. For struggling inventors, it's a welcome relief.

  • Build a team effort.
  • Qualify sales potential with experts.
  • Exploit the opportunity.

This is fun! When you get this part are in for the ride of a lifetime.

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What would you like to learn today?
* Innovation foundation (2:00) FREE
Business options:
*  5-step system to failure (used by invention companies) (3:25) Milestone Financing your inventions (3:36)
 Team building, make professional presentations  (2:11)  Go into business (2:37)
Milestone Qualify sales potential (4:54) Milestone Start a home-based business (1:22)
Niche marketing (2:20)  License your rights (2:25)
Retail markets, internet sales, online catalogs (2:39)  Other forms of partnering (3:53)
Industrial/commercial markets (2:06) Launching an innovation:
* Infomercials and DRTV (2:09) FREE
Milestone Make money when launching (coming soon)
Milestone Private label sales opportunity (2:20)  Turning red flags into opportunities (coming soon)
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Milestone Partner Financing (20:28) 20/20 Hindsight (4:12)
Legend: Milestone Money maker Must know Warning! Inspiration insight * free video

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