Marketing Essentials

Target Marketing

 Don't start a sales campaign or seek marketers and licensees until you have this down!

  • Qualify sales potential.
  • Qualify a price structure.
  • How to exploit the opportunity.

It doesn't matter how inexperienced or timid you are. You only need a little chutzpah!

Innovators love chocolate
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* The right philosophy (2:45) FREE
Sales/marketing opportunities
Market creation vs. market share (3:20) Business plans, prospectuses (6:03)
Why consumers buy new products (4:55)  1-2-3! (1:43)
Milestone Which option is best?: industrial/commercial or retail? (1:57)  Legal product/package marking (FTC & California)
Milestone Qualify sales potential (4:54)  Brochures, spec sheets, flyers and so on (coming soon)
Retail pricing model (3:00)  The role manufacturers play in marketing
Industrial/commercial pricing model (2:07)  
Pricing for high volume outlets (2:30) Milestone *Download Retail/Industrial/Import Pricing Calculator
See also: Innovation Marketing * The calculator accurately costs out your invention and all pricing expectations.
See also: Invention Design See also: Manufacturing Essentials
Insight from leading entrepreneurs
Patents in Commerce Milestone Business Planning and Managing (22:56) Milestone Business Entities and Structures (22:35)
Milestone Successful Inventor Traits (19:48) Planning for Success: 20/20 Hindsight (3:39)
  Milestone Cost-effective Processes (20:18) Milestone Other Objectives / Launching (16:28)
Milestone Finding and Qualifying Manufacturers (20:27) Manufacturing: 20/20 Hindsight (3:58)
Legend: Milestone Money maker Must know Warning! inspirational insight Inspirational insight * free video

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