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  • International licensing is booming!
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Watch videos of inventors on the History channel's Invention USA. See what it takes to secure partners. Our podcasts show you how to do what they did, regardless of your budget.

Licensing essentials
* Why license? (2:37) FREE
Exclusive licenses (2:33)
What is a license? (1:20) Non-exclusive license (2:50)
What types of intellectual property may be licensed (3:41) Term sheets (2:59)
Provisions in a license (2:13) Royalties (4:17)
Types of licenses (2:33) Types of performance clauses (coming soon)
Which confidentiality agreement do you use? (4:45) Anatomy of a license (coming soon)
License is inferred (0:57) License worldwide (coming soon)
See also: Finding & Evaluating Marketing Partners See also: License forms and instructions
The licensing process
* Licensing objective (3:24) FREE International licensing (1:36)
Preparation and doing a SWOT analysis (2:36) Milestone The sweetheart agreement (1:49)
5 ways to kill a deal (2:13) Milestone Royalties (4:17)
Who negotiates a license? (1:57) Profit sharing (1:23)
Licensing agents (2:10) Letter of intent (1:24)
Milestone Partnering (2:15) inspirational insight Human nature and licensing (1:58)
A simple strategy (1:27) If you need help (1:38)
You go first! (2:10) Overcoming objections (coming soon)
Milestone Licensing incentives (2:28) Creative licensing proposals (coming soon)
License agreements
Editable Microsoft Word documentExclusive License Agreement Editable Microsoft Word documentNon-exclusive License Agreement
Editable Microsoft Word documentTerm Sheet for Exclusive License Editable Microsoft Word documentTerm Sheet for Non-exclusive License
Editable Microsoft Word documentSweetheart Agreement  All agreements may be modified in MS Word.
Listen to these podcasts from experts inventors and licensees
Patents in Commerce Milestone Alternative Approaches and JDAs (21:49) Milestone Licensing & Partnering your IP (20:17)
Milestone Finding Interviewing Partners (20:16) 20/20 Hindsight (2:41)
Legend: Money maker Must know Warning! inspirational insight Inspirational insight * free video
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