Licensing Essentials

Licensing is one of the best ways to defer all start-up costs.

  • Use our deal-friendly license agreements.
  • License worldwide.
  • Follow instructions.

We invented the partnership approach to licensing. It works and has international acceptance!

License innovations worldwide
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* Why license? (2:37) FREE
Exclusive licenses (2:33)
What is a license? (1:20) Non-exclusive license (2:50)
 What types of intellectual property may be licensed (3:41)  Term sheets (2:59)
Provisions in a license (2:13)  Royalties (4:17)
 Types of licenses (2:33) Types of performance clauses (coming soon)
Which confidentiality agreement do you use? (4:45) Anatomy of a license buy cheap cialis online (coming soon)
License is inferred (0:57) License worldwide (coming soon)
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Milestone Finding Interviewing Partners (20:16) 20/20 Hindsight (2:41)
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