Licensing Process

Put your money where your mouth is

Your licensing partners will put their money where their mouth is if you follow these methods.

  • Our partnership approach is welcomed by licensees. 
  • Learn how to close licensing deals no matter how inexperienced or shy you might be.
  • Build long-term relationships.

Our partnership approach is unique. Learn it and you will secure willing licensees.

Rock & Roll Licensing
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* Licensing objective (3:24) FREE
International licensing (1:36)
Preparation and doing a SWOT analysis (2:36) Milestone The sweetheart agreement (1:49)
5 ways to kill a deal (2:13) Milestone Royalties (4:17)
Who negotiates a license? (1:57) Profit sharing (1:23)
Licensing agents (2:10) Letter of intent (1:24)
Milestone Partnering (2:15) inspirational insight Human nature and licensing (1:58)
A simple strategy (1:27) If you need help (1:38)
You go first! (2:10) Overcoming objections (coming soon)
Milestone Licensing incentives (2:28) Creative licensing proposals (coming soon)
Don't over look this insight from experts who have licensed billions in sales
Patents in Commerce Milestone Licensing, part 1 (27:23) Milestone Alternative Approaches and JDAs (21:49)
Milestone Licensing, part 2 (23:57) Milestone Licensing & Partnering your IP (20:17)
Milestone Licensing, part 2 (24:43) Milestone Finding Interviewing Partners (20:16)
20/20 Hindsight (2:41)
Legend: Money maker Must know Warning! inspirational insight Inspiration insight * free video

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