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Invention websites for inventors

Your own domain and website is the ONLY way to attract and make presentations to prospective partners and licensees.

  • Professional websites attract qualified partners!
  • Our proprietary format has secured several licensees.
  • Your own domain reflects a professional image.
  • Guaranteed top Google, Yahoo and Bing ranking.

Web pages on invention company websites with corny virtual presentations and bogus hype cost over $2000.  They completely alienate prospects.

Websites that get results

View the Innovation Showcase to see invention websites for emerging innovations.

View innovation websites with substantial success stories.

Make the comparison
  Innovation Websites Invention Co. H Invention Co. S TV. Co. CN
Your own domain name Yes no no no
The right format? Yes no no no
Corny or professional Professional *corny **unprofessional ***?
Professional support? Yes you tell us no no (no success)
Price for password protected
$1495 $2200+ $8000+ N/A
Optional w/o password protection $1295 N/A N/A


Monthly rate $50-$70/year $19.95/mo ? who cares?
Who controls? You do (we show you how)
they do they do they do
Proven success Name brand success
? 1 out of 1000 none
* The ones we've seen are unqualified, unprofessional.
** This company publishes a success rate less than 1/10 of 1%.
*** Don't fall into the TV commercial trap. These companies charge you thousands when they should be paying all of your costs instead.

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