Invention Company Warning

Successful inventors, engineers and businesses don't use invention companies. Nor should you.

  • They have a 99.9% failure rate.
  • They cost a lot of money.
  • They have a lot of FTC complaints.

It's a fact: you can do everything they do with far better results, for a fraction of the cost, and faster. Your cost is less than $200 right here on our website.

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If you still insist on using one, download the Invention Company Questionnaire and use it when you talk to them. 

Attorneys will tell you: Never fill out one of their online forms to get free information or start-up kits. You could lose all rights to invention.

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* How to find a reputable invention company (:51) FREE * Prototyper warning (2:53) FREE
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* Patent Mills and patent-it-yourselfers (2:06) FREE
Invention companies cost a lot of money...
Research the facts: Invention companies:
  • Don't have successful inventors on staff.
  • Are never endorsed by government, colleges, or universities.
Do it right, do it yourself. You can do a much better job, no matter how inexperienced or shy you might be.
 ...please think before you commit

Davison invention company $26 million lawsuit.

Invention company fined $26 million for misrepresenting its services
In Federal Court in western Pennsylvania, invention company, Davison Associates, is ordered to pay $26 million by the FTC for misrepresenting its services.

17,000 Inventors Bilked
The Federal Trade Commission and US Patent Office say inventor fraud bilks inventors and businesses out of $300 million a year. One company is forced to pay $60 million.

Reports invention promotion business is a $300 million a year scam.

Want to file a complaint against a company you suspect of malpractice? Visit the National Inventor Fraud Center or file a complaint with the FTC.

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