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Always do your own patent search before hiring an attorney.
  • Save 3-4 weeks, $600 or more!
  • Learn word searching in minutes.
  • All serious inventors and engineers do their own search.

Do a FREE patent search in 10 minutes in 90+ countries 10 times faster than google or the US Patent office!

Search patents worldwide
What would you like to learn today?
Why do a patent search? (1:44) FREE
Search patents in 90+ countries FREE
Patent search checklist (FREE) Instructions (8:11)
 How to do a keyword search (2:14) How can I be sure I did a good patent search? FREE
 How to search published patent applications (1:05)  1-hour webinar: How to Read a Patent with Pat. Att. Bao Tran
What to look for in a patent search (1:50)  How to search prior art (listen to the webinar above)
 How to read a patent (to determine infringement) (2:38) Searching in fields (coming soon)
 Use a search to your advantage (1:47) Use a patent search to reinforce patentability (coming soon)
 What the 3% group knows about patent searching, others don't! (3:00) Dig-deep and infringements searches (coming soon)
Helpful tip: Review inventive subject matter  
Go to IPSearchLink for advanced searching: complete patent files, published applications, patents pending, etc.
Listen to the Patents in Commerce search experts
Patents in Commerce Milestone Patent Search Objectives (20:14) Milestone Applying the Knowledge (19:13)
Milestone How to Search (19:50) 20/20 Hindsight (2:48)
Legend: Money maker Must know Warning! inspirational insight Inspiration insight * free video

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