Class Reviews

“Your classes provided exactly the information I needed to start…Thank you!" - Jim Christman, University of Phoenix Professor


"Excellent! More than met my expectations. Very professional, yet warm and friendly. A breath of fresh air!" - John Polli

"Thank you Bob – taking this class has made me really excited to pursue my dreams." - Joy S.


"Incredible! One of the best seminars I’ve ever taken. Very valuable. Thanks so much!" - Barbara Jones

These classes can keep inventors from losing their life savings as they develop and market their products. They are a must event for every serious inventor!” - Steve Schneider, Director, The Saywer Center


“I only wish I had these classes available to me when I started inventing. They would have saved me years of development time." - Robin Renee, inventor with 8 US Patents

"Bob, I owe much of my success to you. My licensee has been great so far and the international market is begging for the WaterRipper. Tens of thousands hit this spring!" - Tim Leefeldt, Chico, CA


I want you to know that your books, training and material do more for educating and improving the the lives of others than any course I ever took in collage. I believe our country would be better served by offering students an opportunity to get a degree in the field of inventing. Your books, training, and material are so advanced and complete, and to the point, that you have created the curriculum for the course." - Kim Kimball, Salt Lake City, UT

"Awesome!! Course is GREAT! Instructor is excellent, interesting, knowledgeable, and enjoyable. Instructor has a wealth of knowledge to share." - Sheryl Buss

  “The classes receive overall excellent ratings from participants." - Janet Nix, Director, Chaffey College

Tremendous. The classes exceeded my expectations considerably. THE ROI from these classes promises to be substantial. A great use of seven hours of my time! - Russ Randall

  Instructor and course are awesome. Well-structured, detailed and full of great, practical, useful, and inspiring information. Worth the cost!
It's so great to that a successful inventor would take the time to share his knowledge and inspire new mentors. Thank you Bob! - Pamela Li, CEO, SolveHub   "Great class! - Thanks so much!" - Donra Meletio, San Mateo
"I came to the seminars completely unaware of how to begin. I left with the tools I need to get started." - Robin Fleisher   "I love the classes! I can't get enough. I wish this was a week long series. Thank you for the seminars!" - F. Burgess
"These classes were exactly what we were expecting. It provided us with all the tools and confidence to proceed. We enjoyed the experience" - Sheri and Scott Kilgore   "I attended the Sierra College classes and was impressed with the quality and quantity of information. The IdeaAccelerator provided is invaluable. Although I couldn't stay for the full day, I look forward to returning in fall!" - Kim Herrell
We are confident you too will find our classes invaluable.

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