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"Bob, I owe much of my success to you - wow baby! My licensee has been great so far and just got good news...sales are going international." - Tim Leefeldt, inventor of the Waterripper.


"Inventors cover all the steps and key decision points of new product development from workbench to marketplace. . . Buy it. Read it. Follow it. Profit." - Don Kelly, CEO, Intellectual Asset Management Associates and Former U.S. Patent Office Director


"When I found your book and started reading, I wondered if this stuff was even legal. It had so much inside information. I'm now working on my second [licensing] deal. Thanks for the advice." Zachary Jacobson, St. Paul, MN


"You can learn 1000-times more with the From Patent to Profit than you ever would through some invention promotion company which could easily cost you $10,000-$30,000!" - Doug English, Patent Attorney


"Your home study materials have always been first class, but your website is incredible. I have all the forms I need, instant answers to questions, and can search patents in 130 countries with one click. Thanks so much for providing this resource!" - B. Wells, VA


“From Patent to Profit is based upon reality and experience and are commendably valuable.” - Dr. Yujiro Yamamoto, Ph.D, UCLA, inventor of the cordless telephone and telephone answering machine, holder of 45+ patents


"I was blown away using your Quick Start Guide at the seminar. I had no idea I had so much IP protection. I only thought about a single invention, but there was so much more." - John Rollins, CA


"I wrote my provisional patent application in one day, and my patent counsel didn't have to edit it!" - Carol Nicholas, Modesto, CA


"I only wish I would have found you sooner. I would have saved a fortune and years in development time." - Russ Barnes, innovator


"Exciting, liberating, a real eye opener." - Phil Bourgeois, CEO, Studio Red


“Bob is one of the most innovative and motivating people I have ever known. Wayne Pflueger, entrepreneur, former Packaging Industry CEO


"I am really thrilled to see so much valuable information available on your website! I really like the Quick Start Guide. Thank you, Bob, for creating such a wonderful website!" - Onna Lau, Inventor, Bulgaria

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