Our History

In 1986 we had a dream…an idea for an invention. We pursued that dream and got it sold into Walgreens, Sears, Kroger, among others. It caught the attention of a large corporation and we joined forces and launched the self-opening plastic grocery sack. It’s the same one you see in most supermarkets throughout the US today.

That first invention led to 26 US patents. All of the patents have been licensed or we partnered before or during the patent pending process and have made money. We didn’t manufacture or market anything. We got the best experts - partners - we could find to do that. And our partners were never invention companies or patent mills. After all, why would we want a partner with a company with a success rate of 1/10th of 1%?

Unlike many novice inventors we discovered how to commercialize our inventions without spending a lot of money. Our partners willingly spent theirs instead. We didn’t have the capital to go into business or compete against the giant corporations anyway. All we had were good ideas. And we found there were always companies willing to spend money on good ideas!

Along the way we learned the concepts, the inside secrets you might say, to invention development that became the foundation of From Patent to Profit. These concepts are really just common sense, at least to us they are. Others tend to call them revolutionary. Over time we discovered that only 3% of inventors ever made money on their patents. But we didn't know any differently. You see we never considered pursuing an innovation without having a committed sales/marketing team on our side. It’s interesting to note, the concepts, methods, and secrets we discovered are not employed by the invention companies…in fact, they don’t want you to know about them! In our opinion, what they do is a huge disservice to inventors.

To make a long story short, about 18 years ago we wanted to give seminars to help other inventors and share with them the methods we had been using so successfully. When we talked to colleges and universities, they were eager to sponsor them. It took us 18 months to organize and write the seminar materials. Why? Because there were no books that taught what we wanted to teach…which was, “how to make money on your inventions”. We wanted to teach inventors how to be in the 3% group, which was all we knew.

Giving seminars for two years resulted in writing the book, From Patent to Profit, and the foundation was set. It was picked up by a major New York book publisher and today is in the 3rd edition. You will be amazed at the incredible information in our book. It's a resource - a reference manual - you'll use for years to come. We still use it too!

Today we don’t need to give seminars or develop any new inventions. But we love helping inventors and especially if we can help them realize success. Besides…we are inventors…and you know how that is…inventors can’t NOT create.

With all that said, we ask you to please take the time and use these incredible resources. We'll share all of our knowledge and all of our secrets with you, and the knowledge of many other experts and attorneys, if you just take the time. We sincerely want to welcome you to the 3% group.

Now, go out there make it a better world!



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