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Bell bags help some of the poorest people on earth

The world's only sustainable, degradable, certified reusable bag

Made from Tapioca, Bell bags™ are non-GMO, degradable, washable, sustainable, static-free, and support some of the world's poorest people.

Ecoplas® is the only plastic fabric in the world certified with the highest award/certification in the world: Fair for Life®.

For businesses, they are the only reusable bags that instantly dispense reducing check out time. They pop right open every time and easily stand up making them easy to load. Watch the Bell bag video.

Ecoplas was invented by Sugianto Tandio, and Bell bags were invented in part by a 19-year old California woman. Together the inventions make an exceptional bag that is better for mankind and better for the planet. This innovation has been licensed and gearing up for a worldwide launch.

You can create inventions like these. Our fall more

3 Essentials for Inventions

Every inventor will want to know these 3 essentials before starting. They are the 3 keys to a successful invention. They were defined by some of the world's leading marketing experts. Their application recently resulted in an 8-figure opening order for one inventor.

Unfortunately most inventors overlook the 1st, most important essential of all. The 2nd most important one is how it works. But that is not good enough. Overlook the 3rd most important essential and it's a bust. There is no reason for you to make these mistakes!

The #1, irrefutable, most important essential more


Most Sought Out Field of Innovation?

Many might believe that personal electronics would be the leading field for innovation. After all, lifestyle innovations has been the central theme for invention over the last 6-8 years.

However, it is being replaced with a field that is wide open and also plays an important part in consumer electronics.

Without a doubt, the most sought-out fields for innovation today are those related to the environment. There is a broad list of environmental opportunities that the government actively and openly seeks. It even helps connect you with development partners…read more


Legal Product Marking, Paper Is Not Biodegradable

According to guidelines adopted by the Federal Trade Commission and several states such as California, raw material and package marking cannot claim a product is biodegradable, whether it is paper, plastic or metal—unless it is substantiated with verifiable scientific tests. If you plan to sell your products in California, you better read this article first. New 2013 laws apply.

Until recent laws were enacted, most biodegradable claims were falsely stated and interpreted. Most consumers believe "biodegradable" means the product, or package, decomposes in a landfill when thrown away. The truth of the matter is—nothing degrades in a landfill when it is buried.

It is common knowledge in the landfill business that 40 year old newspapers are readable and food, such as carrots and meat can be safely preserved when buried. Canines and ground squirrels know that.

Companies such as ENSO and Balance Water are being sued by the California Attorney General based on verification of ENSO’s claims that its bottle biodegrades due to a microbial agent used in its resin.

So, what should an inventor do to ensure an innovation’s raw material and package marking is not misleading? The standards are found with the FTC, the individual state, and  at times the EPA. To keep markings more

Photo is courtesy of the US Air Force
US Air Force photo

US Air Force Developing Stealth Drones

What's next? Easy, aircraft is unmanned, unseen and unable to be attacked. Then, by the time the enemy figures out how to find and knock down the sneaky drones, there will be yet another innovative safeguard in place. They will have built-in deception devices that will project their physical position far apart from their actual location. The result: enemies missiles explode in the empty air hitting drone apparitions.

Read about this one-ups-manship war in WIRED.

 Apple exemplifies the market creation approach to innovation.

Apple Patents Reveal Its Future

Apple creates its own future and protects it with patents. Without question these are essential elements of a successful invention/innovation company: Market Creation + Patent Protection.

There is another, not as well-known principle, a guiding light you might say, that Apple uses to position itself as a trustworthy innovation company. If you wish to be a leader in your field, you want to use this same more

A great idea is being challenged...mothers and fathers what do you say?

Makers of Nap Nanny Fire Back at Feds

The US Government sues Nap Nanny over its baby sleeper invention but will parents turn them in to get their money back?

Baby Matters LLC, makers of the well-received innovation with parents, is being forced to shut down their operation due to five reported baby deaths. Baby Matters claims the problem is misuse by parents, not the product. In fact it claims the government even helped write the warning label for its innovation.

If your invention has the potential of safety issues that may cause injury, there are a few important points to more

Fox Business News

From Patent to Profit on Fox News

There is no better time to be creative. More invention success is seen today than in the last 15 years!

Listen to this news release and see where to focus your efforts.

After you listen to this newsreel, explore some of the most exciting, inspiring podcasts on creativity anywhere on the entire web.

Julia Rhodes is businessperson of the year.

Inventor Julia Rhodes,
Business Person of the Year

SONORA , CA - The U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Fresno District Office announced that Julia Rhodes, owner of KleenSlate Concepts, is the 2010 Central California Small Business Person of the Year. 

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Tim Leefeldt Goes International

What started out as a local sport invented by Tim Leefeldt of Chico California has suddenly attracted international interest. This spring tens of thousands of Ripperballs will flood the market.

REO Closet innovation

REO Closet Supported by Leading Banks

Find foreclosed properties fast anywhere in the country! Innovator Priyesh Mehta's new search engine is supported by leading banks nationwide. If you are looking for a deal in your neighborhood, you won't believe how easy it is to find on the REO Closet website.


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