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1. How do I know if my idea is patentable?
You won't until a patent and prior art search has been conducted. It only takes a few minutes to start this process. It is surprising how many inventors run out and hire an attorney to do it, when they can get the same information in a matter of minutes, not to mention the savings of several hundred dollars. Follow instructions and do a keyword search in 90+ countries
2. How can I be sure I did a good patent search?
You can never be 100% certain, but with a little experience you can be quite sure. As you develop your invention in the coming weeks and months, use your journal for record keeping. Conduct additional patent searches as you progress. This is particularly important during development and inventions tend to metamorphose and new inventive subject matter is discovered.
3. How do I hire someone to do a patent search for me?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can make recommendations. However, before even considering hiring someone, make sure you have done as complete a search as possible, both at IPSearchLink and prior art through Yahoo, Google and Bing.
4. Will you find marketing companies for me? Will you partner with me?
We are not an invention company that alleges it will do such a thing. However, we have the knowledge to show you how to do it. Every successful inventor and entrepreneur knows this is a job you do yourself. It may require learning new skills, but one thing for certain, it can pay off with a much greater degree of success than the invention, and TV companies promise. Listen to this podcast on Innovation Foundation and build your own team. And beware of the scams.
5. What is the best way to find out if an invention company is reputable? Also check this link.
Start by checking them out at the US Patent Office and the Federal Trade Commission. Next use the free evaluation form on the same webpage and ask them for the facts. After all, it is your money and you have a right to know what to expect.
6. When do I hire a patent attorney to write my patent application?
There is no need to rush out and hire an attorney. First and foremost: 1) Conduct a patent and prior art search, and; 2) fill out the IdeaAccelerater to get a better idea of the potential marketability. There is no need to spend money on legal aspects until you have a good idea of whether or not there is money to be made.
7. What books or kit or subscription should I get? Check out our store.
We always recommend you start with the Fast Trac Kit. It has everything you need to make all the right decisions.
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