Invention Manufacturing

Invention manufacturing. How to get manufacturers on your team
Manufacturing help for inventors

Don't invest thousands to make your inventions. Know how to talk to  manufacturers.

  • Do your own research.
  • Learn the language.
  • Find the right partner.
  • Have them invest in you!
You have to do this. Don't let others try to do it for you.
Manufacturing essentials - start here
* Manufacturing essentials (3:00) FREE
Basic competitive research (1:10)
Types of manufacturing processes (3:55) Legal requirements (2:22)
Milestone Which option is best?: industrial/commercial or retail? (1:57) Milestone Manufacturing complex innovations (machines, electronics) (2:51)
MilestoneMilestone 1-2-3! (1:43) Milestone * Download Retail/Industrial/Import Pricing Calculator
Types of packaging (4:36)  * Important: Accurately cost out your innovation, know all pricing expectations before pursuing partners.
Cases, master cartons, palletizing methodologies (4:53)  Milestone Manufacturing dictionary
 Search the Western US database on IPSearchLink  
See also: Prototyping See also: Find and Evaluate Manufacturers
Find and evaluate manufacturing partners
* Find manufacturing partners (1:58) FREE
Manufacturing insight:
The wrong way to have it made (used of 50% of inventors) (3:53) An emerging domestic trend (2:03)
The difference between manufacturing and marketing partners (2:13) Milestone Qualifying a working partnership (3:52)
Milestone Where to find manufacturing partners (5:05) MilestoneMilestone A surefire way to get a manufacturer to invest in your innovation (3:20)
Evaluating working partnerships (5:09)  Which confidentiality agreement do you use? (4:42)
Milestone A typical conversation with a prospect (5:37)  
  See also: Finding Marketing Partners
See also: Licensing Essentials See also: Manufacturing Essentials

Learn from experts from the SBA and successful entrepreneurs

Patents in Commerce Milestone Business Plans and Prospectuses (19:39) Milestone SBDCs and SBA Programs (20:27)
Milestone Economic Development Programs (20:47) 20/20 Hindsight (3:50)
Milestone Finding and Qualifying Manufacturers (20:27) Manufacturing: 20/20 Hindsight (3:58)
Legend: Milestone Money maker Must know Warning! Inspiration insight * free video
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